Welcome and quick guide

Hi friends I’m a guy known in the forums as FF666 in Sneap Forum , Guitarampmodeling and others, or Dr. Heiter at Hispasonic, the best music community in Spanish. I have recently started to capture guitar cabs. First of all, sorry for my poor English.

I’m mainly focused on Nebula because I think it captures better the eq and dynamics of the poweramp and the cabs, and the room and wall reflections. I would like to make impulses to those that don’t have a nebula license, but my tests with impulses at this moment are being very different to the actual sound of the cabs.

The main difference in EvolutionCabs with other ir’s or nebula programs, is that I dedicate time to capture the cabs until it sounds nearly the same, and only at useable-mix ready mic positions. I also try to capture the room and wall reflections. I have tested a lot of impulses, nebula programs and vst guitar cab software and I can’t feel the amp in the room. That’s my goal, useable nebula programs where you can feel the amp in the room.

In order to use the nebula programs, you need to have an acustica-audio nebula license because I can’t create programs for the free version, sorry. I think nebula worth the money, check it out http://www.acustica-audio.com/

Open the programs with Nebula Reverb Module to save resources and get more quality. If you want to play guitar instead of mixing, I suppose you can use the Nebula module (non reverb module) with low latency, but I have not tested it.

My programs are showed as EVC in the nebula menu.

They are not optimized for -18db input, just use your ears. In my tests, the input in nebula was around -12 and -9db and it sounded good. If you hear clicks, ugly saturation, etc., just decrease the output of your preamp/plugin until you get that -12 and -9db. Inputs in nebula above -8db could cause huge abnormal noises, take care with a limiter in the master or after nebula instance. If you think that by default the program sounds too loud, or too quiet, remember that you can modify the default pad out. Just click EDIT in nebula, go to GLOB and select your desired pad out level. Don’t forget to save after that.

As I have also captured the poweramp (5150 at very loud volume), my programs have a strange distortion if you increase the drive knob. Even with drive knob at -30db it sounds a bit distorted, different to classic impulses  and may be not useable at all for clean tones. I have set this Drive knob in my programs around -5db to my personal taste because drive at zero adds more bass and distortion to the tone. You can adjust the way you like, just add a highpass filter if you consider it necessary. If you increase Drive more than 0db it will start to sound weird, but you can try what you want…

Don’t touch the attack and release times.

I will update the blog with new programs only when I get something decent. At this moment I have no more free time, but new programs could come in one week, in one month, in one year…who knows. At the moment I have captured 4 cabs. Only one program at the “sweet spot” of the cab after many tests. I’m not a miking professional, if I had captured more positions it could have been phase cancelled or bad sounding programs. But I don’t need a million of programs that all sound the same. Even I think these four cabs sound very similar because they have been captured in the same room and all have the same speakers except the combo. However, I think they sound very good: natural and roomy. 

The best way to get a good sound with these programs would be using a 5150 preamp, evident, but I suppose you don’t have one. Don’t worry. Use your own preamp, or your favourite plugin and take care of the input in nebula. Works good with plugins based on 5150 (or 6505) but can work good with any others. I have tested with TSE X50 v1, Lepou Hybrit and Ignite Amps Anvil and works pretty good. Remember again, if by default it sounds too distorted, decrease the output of the preamp or the plugin. In my tests, these programs sound good with an input in nebula between -12 and -9db. So check the nebula meters.

If the plugin has poweramp emulation try with it disabled (if possible) or at low volumes to not getting double poweramp emulation. But , why not, test it with it at max, it could sound good too.


My nebula programs are free. If you like my work, you can donate, comment, recommend to your friends, whatever you like. If you don’t like my programs you can comment too! And remember, I’m not a professional, it’s just a hobby. I work with weird coloured poweramp, dirty preamps, short circuited cables and bad converters……Lol. These won’t be the best cab emulations you’ll find on the net, but I have dedicated a lot of time on them and I am very happy with the results. Oh and if you use these programs in any of your productions (commercial or not), let the people know that you worked with EvolutionCabs programs. Thanks!

So let’s go, I start the blog with four cabs: Erectus, Neanderthal, Habilis and Cromagnon. I hope you like ‘em.  

If you think 4 programs are not enough for you, fortunately 3 of them are phase compatible at least in my tests.

Not 100% but almost. You can mix them to get hybrid sounds.

Cromagnon is compatible with Erectus and Neanderthal, but in this last case you need to switch the phase (180º) in one of them. Erectus and Neanderthal are compatibles, but you need also to switch the phase.
Sadly, Habilis is not phase compatible with the other cabs, but doesn’t sound but at all combined with cromagnon. Try it.

Warning: Take care of your ears and equipment. These are not professional libraries, so put a limiter in the master to avoid damages.

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